Divine Threads

A Miraculous Journey through Open Adoption

A True Story

What is Divine Threads?

By Pamela Diane Ritz

A victimized pregnant college sophomore makes the decision to release her baby for adoption, giving a desperate couple a baby, and giving a young woman a future. All experience God’s involvement and intervention as they form an extraordinary close bond of friendship, respect, and love.

A Miraculous Journey
through Open Adoption
A true story

Divine Threads is a faith-based true story about a mother’s journey through her own abusive childhood trials and tribulations. The story traverses through parenthood and grandparenthood with her daughter’s betrayal, pregnancy, and courageous decision to release her child for adoption. Divine Threads will enrich your faith as you witness the promise that our heavenly Father orchestrates and plans our lives for our betterment with each divine thread that marvelously connects us all.

Who is Pamela Diane Ritz?

Pamela Diane Ritz graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University. She majored in Fashion Merchandising with a business minor.  In 1973 she accepted an assistant buyer position with J.L. Hudson,  a Detroit based department store. 

From 1974-1983 Pam was promoted to several positions within the company: Area Manager of the Woodward Shops (designer clothing for women); Area Manager of the Men’s, Children’s and the rainbow shop (budget clothing and accessories); Divisional store manager and Divisional Display Manager. In 1983 Pam Retired for J.L. Hudson with the birth of her second child, Lee.

She is the founder of the former Crossroads Coffee, a Gourmet Coffee Shop located in Hartland, Michigan. Pam successfully ran Crossroads Coffee for fourteen years until Walgreens bought her out in 2006. Pam currently owns and operates forty rentals in the Brighton/Howell area.

Pam is the mother of two grown children and two grandchildren. She taught Bible classes at her church when her children were young. She was active in Lacasa, an organization that helps abused women (https://lacasacenter.org/).

Pam lives with her husband and small dog in Brighton, Michigan.

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